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Server is in full swing Empty Server is in full swing

Post by Yaystenny on Tue Mar 13, 2012 5:18 am

As you may have seen the server is public and running 1.2. The spawntown is getting larger and the player base is growing. Welcome all the new players and make sure you tell them how to register if they are unsure or if an admin is offline.

I am currently putting prices on plots in the spawn town (StenTown). If anyone would like to buy on pick a plot, read the price and ask me or Posion to set it up for you!

Due to a bug with iconomy we have switched to essential for economy and admin shops. Chest shop is still running and avalible to all builder users for $75 per chest.

Public warps are currently being setup, say tunned

Donators -
Special donator feature and a donate button will be available soon (probably next week if im not busy with personal and other gaming demands) now the server is working fine.

If you have any questions, want a new feature/plugin, or find a bug please post on the forums or tell Myself, Gaza55, Poison or Blaze as other Admins may not be able to contact me immediately

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